Dear Northside

When I experienced my call to serve here at Northside I was overwhelmed with the depth of God’s love for the Church. God sees the sin. He sees the flaws and failures. But God also sees the beauty of His bride. He sees men and women faithfully following the call of Jesus, every day, in every profession, every single day of the year. God wants the world to see what He sees. That’s our conviction. We believe God is calling this church founded 46 years ago, to serve as a lighthouse and proclaimer of the Gospel to the community, nation and continent we are in. To illuminate what is true and good and beautiful in the hearts and minds of believers—and so to inspire the world to consider the Gospel anew.

Last week I spoke about the many opportunities to help us do this in the area of administration ministry. Yes, fixing the water system and gardens is ministry because we do it all to glorify God. Currently we continue to be overwhelmed by all the things we need to do practically around the church. Maybe God is calling you to help us with some of this.

We also have many opportunities to get involved and serve in our many other ministries. We desperately need more Sunday school teachers and helpers, especially male ones. We are looking for a crèche supervisor and a Sunday school supervisor, a leader for Wow Kidz, adults to help in Icthys and Young Adults. We need people to get involved in prayer and caring and evangelism (Prayer, Care & Share). To help coordinate our missions giving and support. People to help us welcome newcomers and then follow them up until they become part of the Northside family. We need help with our communication and promoting the church, our ministries and the Gospel, especially online.

Do you have a passion for any of these things? Is there something we do here or do not do here that excites you or concerns you? How about coming and chatting to Pastor Verengerai or myself.

I am working on the church calendar from now to the end of the year. Hopefully we can finalise this in the next week. It is VERY FULL. Please pray for us as we finalise our plans. That we will not run ahead of God and only do what He is calling us to do. Especially pray for the Christmas programme again this year! God continues to inspire us as a church to be good stewards of the real meaning of Christmas and to tell as many people about it. Once the programme is out, please see what you can do to help us fulfil all we set our hearts to do! This in itself will be a powerful witness to our community and nation. Let us come together as a united team and show the world God’s power and glory at work in and through us! Let us, together, rise up above the troubles of our nation and make a difference in our Community.

God bless, Pastor Gary

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