I really do believe that the past 2 weeks have been very special for us as a Church. One of the things I love about following Jesus is that there is a truthful acknowledgement of the reality of the fallen world around us. Our world is a mess! Unlike the world, that tries so hard to cover up the problems. As a Christian I can still have hope, not in the world or in man, but in Jesus Christ.
We live in a fallen world. But Jesus has overcome the world and now sits in glory on His throne at the right-hand of the Father. He intercedes for us as both God and man. And He has poured out His Holy Spirit on all who acknowledge Him as Saviour, Lord and King. These are facts that should encourage us to live lives worthy of the calling we have received. We don’t even have to do this in our own strength as the Holy Spirit of God dwells in us as we abide in Him.
But what is the calling we have received. Well hopefully we will look at this in today’s message. I hope that these three weeks have strengthened you and spurred you on to love and good deeds. I pray they have helped you understand what it means to be God’s Heart in the Heart of our Community.
May I also remind you of our INVEST & INVITE initiative. The challenge last week was that if we are being continually filled with the Holy Spirit we will have a holy drive to love the lost, those who do not know Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Have you prayerfully asked God for three names? Have you started loving them, doing something to invest into their lives? Once you have earned the right, we ask you to invite them to a church service, your Community Life Group or to a church function. Please take this seriously!
If you joined us in corporate fasting & prayer on Thursday, thank you. Thank you for thinking of others who are worse off than us. We transferred our Nepal Offering this week to Central Baptist Church and they will combine our with theirs and send it to Pastor Rai in Nepal and Baptist Global Response. Thank you again to all who gave!
When talking of unity we know that God is asking us to start with ourselves. But it also involves unity with other churches, especially here in Harare. So we are calling all of Northside to support and attend one of the “United in Worship” concerts at HICC, either on Friday 5th or Saturday 6th June. We are also calling you to be part of the March for Jesus on Saturday morning from 8am to 10am from the Museum on Rotten Row. More information are on our notice boards and from the church office. I hope you will join us!
A huge thank you to Karen Mutasa and Maisha Smith on hosting our Senior Citizens coffee club this week. A wonderful day out and a wonderful ministry of service.

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