This week I have been challenged about how we view work. I did send something out on our email and Facebook platforms. Yes, we are all called to play our part in God’s church. But we are all called to be the church wherever we are. This means that your job is important and it is ministry. So whatever you do, do it to the glory of God. I do hope that by being a part of God’s church here at Northside we are helping you be a child of God in your world, family, work, social etc. If we are, then we would love to hear your testimony. If not, please let me know. We long to help you integrate your faith into every area of your life.

I am writing this before the Unite in Worship concert and you will read this after it has happened. I hope that many of you were there illustrating our desire to see real unity in the Body of Christ here in Harare. We are called to be united as a church and to one another one another. But we are also called to be one with other churches and brothers and sisters in Christ.

And speaking of unity… the 1/3 of our special offering has been transferred to the local church in Nepal and the 2/3 is about to go to Baptist Global Response. As I reflect on unity, I realise that it usually involves some sacrifice. It does not come easily or cheaply.

This month we have the Ladies Discipleship Tea (13th) organised by one of our Community Life Groups that meets here at the church on Monday afternoons. It is our desire that all our ladies attend AND that you bring a friend. WE are having our once a term mid-week service on Wednesday 17th at 6:30pm in the small hall – you are all invited. Then we have our Father’s Day celebration and service (20th & 21st). Again our desire is to honour all our fathers but also include all the young men who aspire to be Godly fathers one day. This month the focus of our Corporate Day of Fasting and Prayer (25th) will be our Government. The Bible calls us to pray for those in authority over you, so that you may live in peace. So we need to be praying for those in authority in our land. Please join us for this wherever you are. We hope to have a CLG leaders training on Saturday 27th. So if you are a current leader or co-leader or would like to lead a CLG, please put this date in your diary and watch the bulletin. The final ministry I want to highlight today is our monthly Prayer Breakfast. I find it sad that so few people attend this. In the book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire the writer says that the health of a church is determined by the number of people attending Corporate Prayer Meetings. Do you want to see revival here at Northside, God’s Spirit moving in this place – then we ned to be praying together as a church. So… maybe I’ll some new Northsiders on Sunday May 28th here at 7:30am.

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