Dear Northside

Well the new school term is up and running. It is great being back together after a wonderful holiday break.

I want to remind you, as well, of the call we have as Christ’s disciples to learning. The word disciple actually means “one who learns;” one who listens well to Christ and applies what they hear about God and faithfulness to their daily lives. What are you doing to make sure you continue to be a learner/disciple? What is one thing Christ is teaching you right now that if you applied to your life would change how you are living?

We are never done learning! Here at Northside we believe that Being God’s heart, reflecting His love in our community includes creating places of discipleship learning. That is why we have small Community Life Groups and Bible studies and why we invest in children, youth and young adult programs. We want to see everyone growing in their faith.

At the start of this new term I want to invite you to join me in learning the things of God by belonging to a group that is offering you a chance to grow spiritually. There are many groups to join, check out the notice board outside or contact the church office. A great opportunity is in our Sundays@11 and Sundays@1 classes. You do not need to make an extra trip to Northside or go out at night. These classes are places to connect and grow in your faith. It is a fresh approach to understanding faith taught by a team of teachers. Each week teachers will present engaging biblical ideas and help you integrate them into your life. You’ll also have a chance to get to know others from your church. The Sundays@1 class is in Shona and they are currently looking at the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We will also be holding 4 week classes on Baptism and Membership this term during Sundays@11 – watch the bulletin and notices for more information.

Today is the last time Hope Holland and some of her team will be leading and running the Communion team. I want to thank each and every one of them, especially Hope, for their faithful service over many years. They are not stopping being involved in ministry. They are involved in other ministries that are growing and want to give more time to these. So the pressure is on! We need 3 or 4 new people to join the team. We have a very simple and clear description of what is involved so you will know what needs to be done. Please see Simba Jirri or Shephard Chizwina if you are interested.

All our Youth ministries start this week. We need more adults to help run these ministries as they too are growing!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in all that happened here last weekend. Thank you to everyone who responded to Haggai’s passing and funerals and to the team who in middle of all this, managed to set up and run a very successful Bring It On event! Makorokoto!

God bless, Pastor Gary