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On Thursday night we had a very special launch. The EFZ (Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe) asked us through CLF (Christian Leadership Forum) which is a ministry here at Northside to help them with 3 national initiatives. It is our hope and prayer that these initiatives will have a lasting effect and be part of transforming Zimbabwe. Well done and thank you to everyone who was involved with the launch!

The launch this week was on the initiative looking at values. We are where we are as a nation because of certain values we have. Most of these values are not ones we want for our nation. So what values do we want in our nation? That is a great question and one a small team of people have been looking at. We asked for input from various sectors and we ended up with quite a list. The hard work was trying to group them and work at reducing the number. And then we needed a strategy to communicate all of this into the nation.

We ended up with 7 values and together they form the word RADICAL!

Respect . Accountable . Discipline . Integrity . Courage . Attitude . Love!

And now we have a strategy. Start talking about and promoting the vision of becoming a RADICAL nation. We do this through individuals and organisations. So, if you would like to know more about this please see Marcellina Chikasha or Karen Mutasa or Eddie Smith. Maybe you can help us with resources or maybe you and your organisation can sign up to be part of this. I hope Northside will be the first church to sign up! #RADICALZIMBO

Today’s service includes a baby dedication and a talk on Pentecost. Both signs of new life, one physical the other spiritual. As a church we are good at new physical life (babies) and it is always a joy to dedicate a child to the Lord. But we do need to work on bringing new spiritual life to the world and community around us. This week we have seen a joining of ministries to do this. A team of people are joining the Project127 team this August to take up and show the Jesus film as part of the week’s programme. What a great partnership! Please join me in praying for this, that many would see Jesus and give their lives to Him. Please pray for the team as they disciple these new converts/disciples in the short time they have together. We must never be found guilty of spiritual baby dumping!

Next week is Father’s Day. As a church we have decided not to plan anything on this weekend so that families and fathers can spend time together. So Dads, try not to plan anything next weekend and spend it with your family. But do come to church! We will be doing something for you in the service.

In the midst of all that is happening in our nation, in the midst of all the trials and troubles, God’s church here at Northside continues to be God’s Heart, reflecting His love in our Community! Be encouraged. Thank you to all who give so generously and to all who are involved in ministry here. If you are not involved in any ministry, consider coming on the SHAPE Course and get involved!

God bless, Pastor Gary

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