Dear Northside

Welcome to everyone. It seems that everyone is back from the holidays. I hope and pray you all had a great and restful time. Last Sunday in both our services we had 420 adults and children – one of the largest attendance we have had for a while.

All our youth ministries and I’m sure most of our ministries and small groups will get started thus coming week. So the Northside train is picking up speed and very quickly we will be travelling at full speed. Now is the time to get on board! What does God want you to do this year?

We need volunteers in the following ministries: crèche, Sunday school, wow kids club, Icthys, young adults, teas after the service, welcome team, flowers for the service, prison, children’s reading, gardens

We are looking to establish a Human Resources committee to oversee all our people and culture. If you would like to be involved please see Shephard Chizwina, Valentine Mushayakarara or Rachel Mujuru.

One of key characteristics are our small groups or Community Life Groups. Most will start this coming week as well. If you are part of one, please stay as part of your CLG. If you are not in a small group we believe with all our heart that you need to belong to one. Please see Shingi Chirume or Abigail Dahwa for information about these. We also have details on our notice board.

As we start of the year I want to use this bulletin for 2 things:

  1. Are you connected to any of our communication platforms? We have an email distribution list ( We have a Whatsapp group (0732108480). We have a webpage ( and we have a Facebook page (Northside Community Church). I would really like to encourage you to get connected with us via these platforms. If you need help, please talk to Kombo Nyashanu or Kuda Dingaan.
  2. In the bulletin you received this morning, you will see a blank card. If you would like the Pastoral team to pray for you, please write your prayer request on the card with your name and a contact number. This will go to me only. Then Pastor Verengerai and I will pray for you and one of us will contact you and find out how you are doing. It will all be kept very confidential. Please fill the card out and give it to me sometime after the service. You can even drop it off in the church office during the weeks ahead. There is no time limit.

2019 already looks to be challenging. But God is still sovereign. He is still at work in the world. Let us put our trust in the Providence of God. Romans 8:28 For we know that in all things God works for the good of those love Him, who called according to his purposes.

If there is anything we can do to help you this year, please contact the church office. Let us be God’s family to one another again this year.

Here’s to being God’s heart in the heart of our community!

God bless, Pastor Gary

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God's heart, in the heart of the Community
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