Dear Northside

It is great being back home and back with the Northside church family! We loved our holiday but missed you all. There is nothing like going to another church to make you appreciate our church here at Northside.

Today we recognize all our mothers! We love you and thank God for you. Without Mothers this world would be a terrible place! Thank you for your love and patience and all that you are and do.

In Romans 12:2 (a great chapter to read by the way on what it means to be a disciple) the Greek word for “renew” means a complete renovation or a complete change for the better. For us to renew our minds we must actively strive to make a complete change for the better. I can think of no better way to “renew our minds” than by diving into the Word of God. Not only diving into it, but allowing it to submerge our very being – allow it to dive into us. When we fill our minds with the truth of God’s Word, we will be changed from the inside out.

Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” Merely “doing” something good or right without the right heart won’t last. We will find ourselves overwhelmed because we are trying to stay on a spiritual treadmill of sorts. But when we hide, treasure and breathe the Word of God, we are less likely to walk in sin.



The Bible is clear that there is power in God’s Word. In fact, we are told in Hebrews 4:12 that it is “living and active … sharper than a double-edged sword … penetrating even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow … judging the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. When you find yourself worrying over that thing that you keep worrying over, encourage yourself by proclaiming Matthew 6:34 over your life. When you feel picked on and wonder of anyone is on your side, declare Romans 8:31 and walk in victory. There is a verse to apply to the situations in life. Apply them to your life today, and don’t just listen to them, do them – be obedient.

There is power in God’s Word. I am more than confident that it will be the determining force to renew your mind today and every day.
Action steps:

How much time do you spend reading God’s Word every day? What other Godly influences do you use to help you keep ‘in step with the Spirit”? Worship music, podcasts etc. Are you sure what you listen to and watch is Godly? There is a lot of stuff that claims to be Christian that is not. Be careful. Ask for guidance if you are not sure. Take an inventory of how much time you spend listening to the things and people of the world. When you spend more time reading God’s Word, you will be amazed at how you change from the inside out.

God bless, Pastor Gary

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