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Did you know that the church staff meet every Monday morning for staff devotions. We meet from 8:30 to around 9am depending on the discussion. This last Monday Lamech led the devotion using one from Our Daily Bread. I refer to these often as one of our goals as a church is to get every Northsider reading and meditating on God’s Word every day. Do you read your Bible and Pray every day? Do you set aside some time to spend with God every day? You need to if you want to grow. If you want to talk to someone about this or looking for guidance let me or Sarah know.

This past Sunday Lamech refereed to the devotion from 2nd September titles, “How to carve a duck”! What a great title. The devotion quotes Phipps Festus Bourne who was a master wood carver. He said, “Carving a duck is simple. You just look at a piece of wood, get in your head what a duck looks like, and then cut off everything that doesn’t look like it.” Sounds simple. I’m not an artist but as I drive around I see many amazing wood and stone carvings for sale. Often I find myself saying, how did the artist see that?

The devotion goes on to say that this is how God works. He looks at me and you (rough blocks of wood), envisions what the Christ-like woman or man is hiding beneath all that wood, bark, knots and twigs. And then God starts to carve away everything that does not fit that image. The devotion says we would be “amazed to see how beautiful we are “as finished ducks”.

But first we must accept that we are a block of wood and then allow the Artist to cut, shape and sand us where He will. This means viewing our circumstances – pleasant or unpleasant – as God’s tools that shape us. He forms us, one part at a time, into the beautiful creature He envisioned. Sometimes the process is wonderful; sometimes it is painful. But in the end, all of God’s tools conform us “to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29). Do you long for that likeness? Put yourself in the Master Carver’s hands.

As we continue to consider how we should be responding to all that is happening around us, I hope this helps. It is why Paul and the other New Testament writers instruct us to rejoice always and in all things. Because God is at work molding and shaping us.

The next few weeks are going to important for us as a church as we consider the Call Committee’s recommended person for the position of Associate Pastor. Please take the time to read the notices and meet the potential candidate and his family next weekend. And then please pray as the members prepare to vote the following week.

We hosted a breakfast here for Call to Worship this week with over 50 church leaders. We continue to support Call to Worship in their desire to bring unity to the church in Harare through worship. The dates this year are 21 and 22 September at the HICC! We encourage everyone to be part of this.

God bless, Pastor Gary

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