Dear Northside

I have enjoyed the daily readings from the ‘Our Daily Bread’ this week. These are still available from Adrian at the booktable after the service.

On Monday it spoke about “You have a purpose”. We all have a purpose, God has created you for a specific purpose and God saved you for a specific purpose. How can you serve God this week 1 Peter 4:11? If you are uncertain about your purpose, you’re not even sure you have one, or yu don’t know what it is or how to find out what it is, please come to the SHAPE Course in July with Sarah and me. Please book in with the church office, thanks.

On Tuesday we looked at the ‘Beauty of Rome’ but that behind the beauty was great evil. In comparison Jesus’ death on a Roman cross reveals the eternal glory of God’s kingdom. In comparison one of the greatest empires the word has known is momentary and insignificant.

On Wednesday we saw that Jesus is not a crutch for the weak. He is the source of new life! Sometimes, like David, we have to be broken so that God can make us new.

On Thursday we had the story of a young man who became a Christian and immediately went to tell his best friend the good news. And his friend became a Christian too! Most of us are not called to preach powerful sermons but we are all called to share our story with others. What has Jesus done for you? Tell it! Psalm 107:2. If you do not know how to start telling your story or are too afraid, let us know, we have people who can help you.

On Friday we were encouraged to look at life and death with an eternal perspective (remember Tariku’s sermons?). If we go on living we can enjoy fruitful labour for the Lord. If we die we will enjoy eternal closeness to Jesus. If we are true Christians, whether we live or die, we win! The prayer was for us to keep our eyes on Jesus so that we can find security and peace in Him. Do you have the assurance that Paul speaks of? If not please come and talk to one of the church leaders.

What a great way to start each and every day! If you are struggling with daily times with God, talk to Sarah. She will be happy to talk to you and help you make this part of your life.

Please continue to pray for the Christian Leadership Forum here at Northside as we continue to seek ways to Disciple the Nation (Zimbabwe). We are trying to meet with significant people in the nation but are meeting resistance. This is a spiritual battle. Please pray that we will find favour with the leaders and will be able to meet with them and share what we believe to be essential for building Zimbabwe God’s Way!

It is Father’s Day next Sunday. If your Father does not come, invite him to come with you as we will be talking about Fathers and will have a gift for them. Speaking of Fathers, we are looking for a grup of fired up, spirit filled men to get the Northside Mens Ministry going again. See Shephard if you are one of those mighty men.

God bless, Pastor Gary

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