It is wonderful to honour our Mothers today on Mother’s Day. We all have Mothers and so I hope you will honour them today. And to all the Moms in our midst, thank you for all you are and all that you do.
Just to remind you. Our theme for this year is Unity! It is something that keeps coming back to us. As a congregation we need to be building unity, as leadership we need to be building unity, as staff we need to be building unity. We need unity in our community, society and nation – but it starts with us here. The Bible urges us to make every effort to build the unity of the Spirit. Yes, God is involved but we have a large part to play as well. Are you making every effort to build unity? What are you doing to help us as a church be a witness to God by the way we love one another?
I am sure you are aware of the disaster that has occurred in Nepal recently. I would like us to join with Central Baptist Church in sending funds to Nepal. We have established a link with a pastor in Nepal and we already have links with Baptist Global Response what are already involved in the relief response. By joining forces we hope to send a significant amount to both the Pastor and GBR. We will be taking up a separate offering next Sunday for this. Please come prepared!
May I challenge you to be more than just a spectator or attender here at Northside. Get involved. You won’t regret it. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Yes there are times when you just need to sit and receive, but these times need to stop and you need to start giving. You were created and saved for ministry. So what ministry are you involved in? If you need help answering this please sign up for the SHAPE Course which starts in 2 weeks’ time.
Please pray for all our ministries that are starting up now that the term is up and running. For our youth ministries, for our Community life Groups, and all our other ministries that did not stop. May we as a united church continue to be God’s Heart in the Heart of our Community. May we continue to be a wonderful witness for God and His Gospel. And may we know and glorify Him in the months ahead.

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