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I received this article from Tariku Fufa. Before we start pointing fingers and judging others about all that is wrong in our world…
The most pressing leadership issue of today is lack of self-leadership. Authentic self-leadership is not about charisma, personality and competence. It is neither about strategy nor producing results. It is not primarily what a leader does but who a leader is, as a person. It is about the leader’s heart comprised of internal values, character, integrity, trustworthiness and faithfulness.
Covey emphasizes the need for conquering self before others, “Private victories precede public victories.” A leader who can’t first win his own internal battles can’t lead his followers to winning the shared organizational battles. It is also impossible to expect a meaningful and effective leadership from somebody who doesn’t lead himself well.
“Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behaviour.” Character is the foundation for leadership. With its lack, danger is assured in the life of a leader and followers. “Leaders who have Charisma but lack Character are a danger to others and often bring disaster on themselves.” It is enough just to see the front pages of our daily newspapers and Television news coming up with some sort of scandals about spiritual, political, and socio-economic leaders for corruption, adultery, abuse of power and lack of accountability. Someone might ask but why? The answer is that self-leadership has never been easy to anyone. It demands lots of attention, time, and energy. Yet, it is the most neglected part of leaders daily responsibilities.
Leaders should aim at leading themselves well through gaining godly wisdom so that they can lead others effectively. To do so, leaders need to have the fear of the Lord that will automatically place them on the path of Wisdom. The Bible says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverb 1:7).
Leadership effectiveness begins from leading self well and then extends to leading others. Leadership success flows from within to the without. “The trust others have in us depends on our level of integrity. Integrity is essential to trust.” This is because “people follow first the person, then the plan.”
Organizational goal effectiveness cannot be separated from self-leadership effectiveness. The reason is that organizations are filled up with people and their effectiveness lies in the qualities of the one leading it. “The more people trust their leader, and each other, the more they take risks, make changes, and keep organizations and movements alive.”
How are you doing? How are we doing in terms of our self-leadership?

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